Being Yourself While Being in Relationship

You - and Your Relationship

It can be difficult to feel free to express your unique self in relationship, and to allow your partner to do the same. It can be difficult, but that is one of the great joys of relationship or marriage. Your partner in relationship can be a great support in your journey of self realization.

You may be reluctant to make your thoughts and needs known for fear of alienating your partner, or you may be uncomfortable with the idea of allowing your partner the freedom to explore and express his or her needs and wants. One or both of you may feel trapped or unable to grow as long as you are in the relationship. Claiming the freedom to be yourself may seem inconsistent with a successful relationship - but is it?

We can work together to make your relationship a place where you and your partner allow yourself the freedom to explore and express your unique selves. We'll identify and examine the assumptions that stand in the way, identify acceptable and unacceptable possibilities for moving forward, assess the possible risks and rewards of greater freedom and self expression, make decisions about next steps, and - possibly - try out some new behaviors.

If you'd like to explore the possibility of working on these sorts of concerns, contact us and we'll discuss working together toward a more fulfilling and successful relationship.