Having the Marriage You Want

Whether you're currently in a formal marriage, or are contemplating entering into one, it's important to be clear about your own concerns and expectations, and to understand the concerns and expectations of your partner. What does it mean to be married? How can you and your partner create the marriage you want?

We’ll work together to get clear about what you and your partner want and need from each other in the marriage, and determine how you can ask for what you want in ways that strengthen your relationship.

In cases where you or your partner’s expectations have not been met, and one of you has been disappointed or hurt, we’ll will work hard to repair rifts in the relationship. When repair is not possible, or when the marriage no longer seems to make sense, we'll support you as you transition out of the marriage relationship.

Changes in Your Relationship Over Time

Long-term committed intimate relationships can shift over time, as life circumstances change. Some typical changes might include: the arrival of children, the departure of children, aging, financial and health issues or crises, changes in employment, changes in sex life, a feeling of stagnation or being "stuck."

Relationship Issues and Marriage

Of course, marriage is subject to the same issues that come up in other forms of intimate relationship, so we may address some of these issues as well.

Working Toward the Marriage You Want

The rewards of a successful committed relationship can be substantial. If you would Like to work toward a more mutually satisfying marriage relationship, let us know and we’ll schedule an initial meeting.